Mingus Gem and Mineral Club (download version click here)
Membership Application

Date _____________________________

Name _________________________________________________ Spouse ____________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________  State ______________________  Zip _______________

Tel # ______________________________  Email __________________________________________

Have you ever belonged to a rock club?  Yes____ No____  If so, where? ________________

Did you serve as an officer or committee member?  Yes___ No___, but would like to____

Which of the following activities interest you the most?
_____Rock hunting field trips to collect rocks, crystals, minerals and fossils
_____Lapidary, the cutting and polishing of rocks into cabochons, spheres and eggs
_____Faceting gem material
_____Silver jewelry, design and fabrication
_____Rock tumbling, making polished rocks and gemstones for many uses
_____Wire wrapping and weaving, the art of capturing stones to make jewelry
_____Bead making and stringing of beads into necklaces, earrings, & other jewelry
_____Carving of stone, or wax carving and casting in metal
_____Using club workshop
_____Metal detecting
_____Mineralogy & Geology studies and activities
_____Involvement in the annual Gem and Mineral Show    (Everyone is encouraged to

I am interested in taking a class offered in:
_____Lapidary cutting and polishing rocks and gems
_____Faceting creating gemstones for settings
_____Wire wrapping capturing stones for pendants and other jewelry
_____Wire weaving the art of wire jewelry
_____Beading making necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry
_____Silversmithing design and fabrication with silver
_____Tumbling vibratory and rotary polishing stones
_____Metal detecting
_____Opal Triplets
_____Use of GPS Equipment
_____Use of Club Workshop learn the lapidary arts
_____Other interests?  We will try to provide instruction ______________________________
Would you be interested in teaching in the area of your expertise?  Please specify

Dues: $12 per person (children under 18 are free)
Dues year:  January 1st  thru December 31st     
Please make check payable to MINGUS GEM AND MINERAL CLUB         
Bring to next meeting or mail to 2nd VP in charge of Membership

Mingus Gem & Mineral Club,  PO Box 1284,  Cottonwood, AZ  86326