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The club owns a Lapidary Workshop. It is equipped with two large rock saws, a trim saw, several grinding and polishing machines, a drill and a variety of rock cutting equipment.

Access to the Workshop is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Any member wishing to use the workshop must be accompanied by a designated keyholder. All members must sign liability waivers and complete the "Workshop Introductory Class" prior to scheduling any open shop time, which is a $9 charge. For safety and insurance purposes, members under 18 are not permitted in the club workshop.

To schedule an appointment, call one of the designated keyholders ahead of time to ensure that the shop monitor is available to help you learn how to use the equipment safely. The presence of the keyholder is required during your orientation and personal project work time.

if you interested in learning about the lapidary arts, consider joining our club and taking advantage of our club workshop.

The club workshop equipment and facilities are intended for educational purposes and personal projects only. Members must use their own equipment for any commercial projects.

The Shop also features equipment for jewelry making. Don't know how to make jewelry? Want to learn? Join the club and we'll arrange to have an instructor help you make high quality jewelry pieces.