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Recent Field Trips 2014-2015 

Field Trips & Attractions

Please join us on our next field trip!

Our club organizes many field trips each year.  We visit local collecting sites,  museums, mines, and much more.   All members are welcome to join us on any scheduled field trips. Field trips are advertised in our monthly newsletters and sign up sheets are available at the monthly general meetings.

Any member attending a field trip must sign a liability waiver.

Our newsletters include field trip reports, photos, and you can view specimens collected on the trips at the monthly general meetings.

Many of our leaders have taken the club to places that produce wonderful pieces to add to any rockhound collection.

If you interested in leading a field trip, or just know of a good spot to visit, please contact the club and let us know.

Below are some of the places that we have been...


Mingus Mountain - Jasper with Hematite

Lake Searle, Trona, CA: Halite, Hanksite

APA Annual Steak FryGold Prospecting at Bumblebee

Mogollon Rim Fossils of the Mississippian & Devonian Periods

East Verde Fossil Coral - 7 miles north of Payson on NFS land 

Mingus Mountain - Marine Fossils

Salt Mine/ Copper Canyon

Burro Creek - Coalition Trip for Pastillite/Bacon Agate

Empire Onyx Quarries

Wiley Wells - Coalition Trip - agates, chalcedony, geodes, jasper & more!

Cottonwood Slag Heap - Coalition & Club Trips

Lynx Creek - Gold Panning

Coalition trip - Seven Springs, Sheep's Crossing

Jerome Area, Perkinsville Agate

Metal Detecting for Gold & Meteorites

Joseph City & Holbrook - Petrified Wood

Coalition Trip, Sedona Club -Holbrook, Petrified Wood

 Hidden Valley Rockyard

Coalition Trip - Bagdad Mine

Brachiopods on the Rim








We've also been to the following sites:

Copper Chief Mine
Lion Springs
Luna, NM
Table Mesa
Prism Mine
Spectrum Mine
Mining and Mineral Museum
Golden Wreath Mine
Oxbow Mine
Many, Many, More